I am a professional Wildlife and Nature Photographer based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  It was a desire to find peace that first led me to nature many years ago and a need for artistic expression that led me to photography.  The two combined together have changed the course of my life and opened a path of self-discovery and healing.  I hope that by sharing my photography and experience I will inspire others to awaken to the miracles, big and small that make up this beautiful earth.

My work has been featured in many publications including Natures Best Photography and Wild Planet.  I've been the recipient of national awards such as Audubon, Windland Smith Rice, and North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

My passion is revealing the gifts of nature to women and empowering them to enter the exciting field of wildlife and nature photography.  I am the founder of Women In Wildlife Photography LLC and I lead wildlife photography tours for women all over the world.  You can view the schedule here.

Sarah E. Devlin

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Women In Wildlife Photography

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